orgues basaltiques

Images of science: where do basalt columns come from?

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Bernard Guy, Mines Saint-Étienne – Institut Mines-Télécom This photo shows basalt columns. They can be found all over the world where magma flows from volcanoes have cooled and solidified. These spectacular and fascinating structures…
new heroism

New Heroism: a paradoxical model of success

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Today, the ideals of success cover multiple areas of society, such as work, cinema, and personal life. In his book Le Nouvel Héroïsme, Olivier Fournout, a sociologist and semiologist at Télécom Paris, analyzes the conditions that have allowed…
Sobriété numérique, digital sobriety

What is digital sufficiency?

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Digital consumption doubles every 5 years. This is due in particular to the growing number of digital devices and their increased use. This consumption also has an increasing impact on the environment. Digital sufficiency refers to finding…

What is life cycle analysis?

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Life cycle analysis (LCA) is increasingly common, in particular for eco-design or to obtain a label. It is used to assess the environmental footprint of a product or service by taking into account as many sources as possible. In the following…
NFV, Import et export dans le cloud, virtualisation.

What is NFV (Network Function Virtualization) ?

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The development of 5G has been made possible through the development of new technologies. The role of Network Function Virtualization, or NFV, is to virtualize network equipment. Adlen Ksentini, a researcher at EURECOM, gives us a detailed…

What is tribology?

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The science of friction: this is the definition of tribology. Tribology is a focal point shared by several disciplines and an important field of study for industrial production. Far from trivial, friction is a particularly complex phenomenon.…
Image d'un globe terrestre vert - écoconception, eco-design

What is eco-design?

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In industry, it is increasingly necessary to design products and services with concern and respect for environmental issues.  Such consideration is expressed through a practice that is gaining ground in a wide range of sectors: eco-design.…

Mendeleev: The history of a table

2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the periodic table of elements. To celebrate this anniversary, the Mines ParisTech Library and Mineralogy Museum have teamed up to create the exhibition Before Mendeleev: Genesis of a Table, on view until…
quantique, quantum technology

20 terms for understanding quantum technology

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Quantum mechanics is central to much of the technology we use every day. But what exactly is it? The 11th Fondation Mines-Télécom booklet explores the origins of quantum technology, revealing its practical applications by offering a better…
Christiine Lors

Interactions Materials-Microorganisms

This book is devoted to biocolonization, the biodeterioration of materials and possible improvements in their performance. Many materials age according to their use and their environment. The presence of microorganisms can then lead to biodeterioration.…