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What is space telecommunication? A look at the ISS case

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Laurent Franck is a space telecommunications researcher at IMT Atlantique. These communication systems are what enable us to exchange information with far-away objects (satellites, probes…). These systems also enable us to communicate with…
OpenAirInterface, Eurecom, 5G

OpenAirInterface: An open platform for establishing the 5G system of the future

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In this article, we continue our exploration of the Télécom & Société numérique Carnot institute technological platforms. OpenAirInterface is the platform created by EURECOM to support mobile telecommunication systems like 4G and 5G.…

TeraLab, a big data platform with a European vision

TeraLab, an IMT platform aimed at accelerating big data projects by uniting researchers and companies, has held the “Silver i-Space” quality label since December 1st, 2016. This label, awarded by the Big Data Value Association, is a guarantee…
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Cybersecurity: new challenges to face up to

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Computer hacking and sensitive data theft is increasing. Companies are now highly connected and must adapt their security policy to strengthen the protection of their information assets. Hervé Debar, a researcher at Télécom SudParis and expert…

FEMTO Engineering: a new component of the TSN Carnot institute

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In July 2016 the Ministry for Education and Research renewed the Télécom & Société numérique Carnot institute accreditation and at the same time, the institute presented a new component: the FEMTO Engineering Center for Technological…
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On computer science : Turbo in the algo

Serge Abiteboul, Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and Christine Froidevaux, Université Paris Sud – Université Paris-Saclay A new “Interview on Computer Science”. Serge Abiteboul and Christine Froidevaux interview Claude…
mySMARTLife, Nantes

In Nantes, the smart city becomes a reality with mySMARTlife

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Alongside European smart city champions like Barcelona, Copenhagen and Stockholm, France boasts a few gems of its own. One such city is Nantes, a participant in the European H2020 research project mySMARTlife since December 1st, 2016. Thanks…
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CES: once the show is over, what do start-ups get out of it?

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Several weeks after the CES, what remains of this key event for digital innovation? In addition to offering participants a stage for presenting their products, the event provides a place for intense networking and exchanges with future users.…
machine learning

What is machine learning?

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Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence, at the interface between mathematics and computer science. It is aimed at teaching machines to complete certain tasks, often predictive, based on large amounts of data. Text, image and…
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Accurate Quantification of Uncertainty. AXA Chair at Eurecom

AXA Chairs reward only a few scientists every year. With his chair on New Computational Approaches to Risk Modeling, Maurizio Filippone a researcher at Eurecom joins a community of prestigious researchers such as Jean Tirole, French Professor…