Trust in the digital age


How does the concept of trust play out in the context of new technologies? At a time when blockchain technology is experiencing phenomenal success in the corporate sector, it has become crucial to examine the mechanisms involved in building trust. Behind the machines’ apparent infallible precision, there are humans, with all their complexity and subjectivity. What risks does this create? And, more importantly, what role can trust play in mitigating these risks?

Finding an answer to this question sometimes requires examining the past, and studying the current technological breakthroughs in the light of those our society has experienced before. Because, ultimately, what is trust? Isn’t it simply, like any other value, a permanent social construction that must be examined to gain insights on our behavior?

In this special series, I’MTech addresses these issues by looking at current research in the areas of philosophy, sociology and economy. It is being published to coincide with the release of the new Fondation Mines-Télécom booklet on the new balances of trust.





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