Celtic-Plus Awards, Eureka

Three IMT projects receive Celtic-Plus Awards

Three projects involving IMT schools were featured among the winners at the 2017 Celtic-Plus Awards. The Celtic-Plus program is committed to promoting innovation and research in the areas of telecommunications and information technology. The…
Jean-Luc Dugelay, Biométrie, smartphone, biométrics, iris recognition

Iris recognition: towards a biometric system for smartphones

Smartphones provide a wide range of opportunities for biometrics. Jean-Luc Dugelay and Chiara Galdi, researchers at Eurecom, are working on a simple, rapid iris recognition algorithm for mobile phones, which could be used as an authentication…
réseau de chaleur, heating networks

Improving heating network performance through modeling

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At the IMT “Energy in the Digital Revolution” conference held on April 28, Bruno Lacarrière, an energetics researcher with IMT Atlantique, presented modeling approaches for improving the management of heating networks. Combined with digital…
Energy transition, Digital technology transition

Digital technology and energy: inseparable transitions

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat if one transition was inextricably linked with another? Faced with environmental challenges, population growth and the emergence of new uses, a transformation is underway in the energy sector. Renewable resources are…
energy performance, performance énergétique, sanda lefteriu

Energy performance of buildings: modeling for better efficicency

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Sanda Lefteriu, a researcher at IMT Lille-Douai, is working on developing predictive and control models designed for buildings with the aim of improving energy management. A look at the work presented on April 28 at the IMT "Energy in the digital…
Nouvelle génération batterie lithium

Towards a new generation of lithium batteries?

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The development of connected devices requires the miniaturization and integration of electronic components. Thierry Djenizian, a researcher at Mines Saint-Étienne, is working on new micrometric architectures for lithium batteries, which appear…
cloud computing, Maurice Gagnaire

Cloud computing for longer smartphone battery life

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How can we make our smartphone batteries last longer? For Maurice Gagnaire, a researcher at Télécom ParisTech, the solution could come through mobile cloud computing. If computations currently performed by our devices could be offloaded to…
telecommunications, energy transition, Loutfi Nuaymi

Energy and telecommunications: brought together by algorithms

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It is now widely accepted that algorithms can have a transformative effect on a particular sector. In the field of telecommunications, they may indeed greatly impact how energy is produced and consumed. Between reducing the energy consumption…

What is net neutrality?

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Net neutrality is a legislative shield for preventing digital discrimination. Regularly defended in the media, it ensures equal access to the internet for both citizens and companies. The topic features prominently in a report on the state of…
digital labor

What is Digital Labor?

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Are we all working for digital platforms? This is the question posed by a new field of research: digital labor. Web companies use personal data to create considerable value —but what do we get in return? Antonio Casilli, a researcher at Télécom…