Mihai Miron

Ioan-Mihai Miron: Magnetism and Memory

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Ioan Mihai Miron’s research in spintronics focuses on new magnetic systems for storing information. The research carried out at Spintec laboratory in Grenoble is still young, having begun in 2011. However, it already represents major potential…
Esma Ismailova, Electronic textiles, textiles électroniques, matériaux avancés

Special issue: Electronic textiles

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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]lectronic textiles is a multidisciplinary field which is not limited to the characterization and development of novel materials and devices. The field also targets technologies related to the interconnection of electronic…

Could additive manufacturing be the future of the plastics industry?

There has been a significant revolution in the world of materials as 3D printing has proved its potential for innovation. Now it must be put into practice. While 3D printers are increasingly present in prototyping workshops, they have been slow…

Silicon and laser: a brilliant pairing!

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Researchers at Télécom ParisTech, in partnership with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), have developed new optical sources. These thermally-stable, energy-saving lasers offer promising potential for silicon photonics. These…
quèsaco mécatronique, mechatronics

What is mechatronics?

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Intelligent products can perceive their environment, communicate, process information and act accordingly… Is this science fiction?  No, it’s mechatronics! Every day, we come in contact with mechatronic systems, from reflex cameras to our…
supercritical fluid

What is a supercritical fluid?

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Water, like any chemical substance, can exist in a gaseous, liquid or solid state… but that’s not all! When sufficiently heated and pressurized, it becomes a supercritical fluid, halfway between a liquid and a gas. Jacques Fages, a researcher…
Sampe, composite

Laure Bouquerel wins the SAMPE France competition for her thesis on composite materials for aeronautics

Simulating deformations during the molding stage in a new composite material for the aeronautics industry: this is the subject of Laure Bouquerel’s research at Mines Saint-Étienne as part of her CIFRE PhD thesis with INSA Lyon. The young…
astatine, L'astate montre enfin sa liaison halogène !

Astatine halogen bond finally revealed!

Astatine is the last member of the halogen family, which also includes fluorine and chlorine. These chemical elements have a distinct feature: they are able to form an unusual kind of bond with molecules. Yet for astatine, the existence of this…
non-destructive inspection

Medicine for Materials

Did you know that materials have health problems too? To diagnose their structural integrity, researchers are increasingly using techniques similar to those used in the medical field for humans. X-rays, temperature checks and ultrasound imaging…
eco-material, Gwenn Le Saout, IMT Mines Alès

What is an eco-material?

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Reducing the environmental footprint of human constructions is one of the major issues facing the ecological transition. Achieving this goal requires the use of eco-materials. Gwenn Le Saout, a researcher in materials at IMT Mines Alès, explains…