Lascala, 3D printing, additive manufacturing

Taking 3D printing to the next level

At the beginning of 2018, IMT Lille Douai unveiled an additive manufacturing platform dedicated to manufacturing large-scale parts: LASCALA. This equipment is a worldwide innovation.  Its capacity to use any type of polymer even enables it…

What is photomechanics?

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How can we measure the deformation of a stratospheric balloon composed only of an envelope a few micrometers thick? It is impossible to attach a sensor to it because this would distort the envelope’s behavior... Photomechanics, which refers…
TechDay, fabrication additive, additive manufacturing

What are the latest innovations in additive manufacturing?

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Although additive manufacturing is already fully integrated into industrial processes, it is continuing to develop thanks to new advances in technology. The Additive Manufacturing Tech’Day, co-organized by IMT Mines Alès and Materiautech…
composite materials

Composite Materials: the race to keep going faster

In the world of materials, composites are currently undergoing a transformation that is just a significant as the plastics boom in the 1960s. To massively integrate these materials into high-volume production markets—automotive, aeronautics,…
Young Scientist Prize, julien bras, biomaterial

Julien Bras: nature is his playground

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Cellulose is one of the most abundant molecules in nature. At the nanoscale, its properties allow it to be used for promising applications in several fields. Julien Bras, a chemist at Grenoble INP, is working to further develop the use of this…
laser femtoseconde, Femto Engineering

A new laser machining technique for industry

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FEMTO-Engineering, part of Carnot Télécom & Société numérique institute, offers manufacturers a new cutting and drilling technique for transparent materials. By using a femtosecond laser, experts can reach unrivalled levels of precision…
greentropism, spectroscopie

GreenTropism, the start-up making matter interact with light

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The start-up GreenTropism, specialists in spectroscopy, won an interest-free loan from the Fondation Mines-Télécom last June. It hopes to use this to reinforce its R&D and develop its sales team. Its technology is based on automatic learning…
CIRTES, pack&strat, INORI, packages

INORI packages industrial parts in under 5 minutes

The INORI platform offers a 3D printing process for industrial parts and custom designs the packaging for these parts. Both patented innovations are central to the national and international marketing plan, made possible by the recent funds…
Bioplastics, Mines Douai

Bioplastics: “still a long road to higher performance”

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As required by environmental transition, materials of the future must be “greener”. Bioplastics in particular have become a main focus of attention, and are often presented as the solution to the pollution caused by the plastics we use every…
Chung-Hae Park, Mines Douai, Composite materials

Flax and hemp among tomorrow’s high-performance composite materials

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Composite materials are increasingly being used in industry, especially in the transport sectors (automotive and aeronautics). These lightweight and multifunctional materials have great potential for limiting environmental footprint, and will…