Special issue: Electronic textiles

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Esma Ismailova, Electronic textiles, textiles électroniques, matériaux avancés

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]lectronic textiles is a multidisciplinary field which is not limited to the characterization and development of novel materials and devices. The field also targets technologies related to the interconnection of electronic functionalities leading to smart networks and to the development of hybrid approaches integrating flexible devices with traditional solid‐state electronics.

Furthermore, unlike other emerging technologies, electronic textiles are, in part, based on one of humankind’s oldest technologies. Well‐established sectors, such as the textile and fashion industries, thus play a central role in material and process development, and not just in “end‐game” commercialization. This unique connection to industry makes electronic textiles an exciting and dynamic research field where academia and the private sector work hand in hand to advance all aspects of the technology.

[Extract from the Editorial]


This special issue on electronic textiles was edited by Esma Ismailova (researcher at the Centre Microélectronique de Provence of Mines Saint-Étienne), Tobias Cramer, and Daniel T. Simon, the organizers of the Symposium “Electronic textiles” (E‐MRS Spring 2017 meeting).
It was planned together with Wiley and the European Materials Research Society (E‐MRS).

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Esma Ismailova, textiles électroniques, matériaux avancésADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES
Volume3, Issue 10
Special issue: Electronic textiles
Esma Ismailova, Tobias Cramer, Daniel T. Simon (ed.)
Wiley, October 2018







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