political ecology, écologie politique, Fabrice Flipo, Télécom École de Management

Philosophy of science and technology in support of political ecology

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Fabrice Flipo, a philosopher of science and technology and researcher at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, has specialized in political ecology, sustainable development and social philosophy for nearly 20 years. Throughout the fundamental…
waste, Ange Nzihou

Waste worth its weight in gold

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For Ange Nzihou, waste is a valuable material. For over ten years, this researcher has been working on recovering waste to turn it into an important economic resource. However, his greatest scientific accomplishments have taken place outside…
xenon, xenon1t, Dominique Thers, IMT Atlantique

Xenon instruments for long-term experiments

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From the ancient gnomon that measured the sun’s height, to the Compton gamma ray observatory, the microscope, and large-scale accelerators, scientific instruments are researchers’ allies, enabling them to make observations at the smallest…
Underwater pipeline, Pipeline sous-marin, hydrocarbures, hydrates de méthane, crystallization, cristallisation

Understanding methane hydrate formation to revolutionize pipelines

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Since hydrocarbon is always drawn from deep in the sea floor, oil companies face potential obstruction problems in their pipelines due to the formation of solid compounds: methane hydrates. Ana Cameirao, an engineer and PhD specializing in industrial…
Langage, Language, Intelligence artificielle, Jean-Louis Dessalles, Artificial Intelligence

The fundamentals of language: why do we talk?

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Human language is a mystery. In a society where information is so valuable, why do we talk to others without expecting anything in return? Even more intriguing than this are the processes determining communication, whether that be a profound…
Cybersécurité, cyberattaques, Hervé Debar, Télécom SudParis, cybersecurity, cyberattacks

Cybersecurity: new challenges to face up to

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Computer hacking and sensitive data theft is increasing. Companies are now highly connected and must adapt their security policy to strengthen the protection of their information assets. Hervé Debar, a researcher at Télécom SudParis and expert…
Product configuration, Elise Vareilles, Mines Albi, Expérience industrielle

Scientific description of industrial experience

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At Mines Albi, Elise Vareilles works on “product configuration”, which entails understanding industrial constraints and considering them scientifically using IT. This multidisciplinary work is based on experts’ experience which must be…
Gender, TIC, Mixité, Chantal Morley, Télécom École de Management

Gender diversity in ICT as a topic of research

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Chantal Morley, a researcher at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, works on the social construction of the masculinity of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Various empirical studies analyzed using a structurationist framework…
Gasification, Pilote, Mines Albi, VALTHERA, Javier Escudero

Gasification, the future of organic waste recovery

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At a time when the challenge of waste recovery is becoming increasingly evident, gasification is emerging as a promising solution. The process allows organic waste to be decomposed into synthetic gas, which can be burned for energy purposes,…
Pollutants, Département SAGE, Mines Douai, Frédéric Thévenet, COV

Removing pollutants from our homes

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Indoor air is polluted with several volatile organic compounds, some of which are carcinogenic. Frédéric Thévenet, a researcher at Mines Douai, develops solutions for trapping and eliminating these pollutants, and for improving tests for…