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Crisis management: better integration of citizens’ initiatives

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Caroline Rizza, Télécom Paris – Institut Mines-Télécom [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"] [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s part of my research into the benefits of digital technologies in crisis management and in particular the digital…

Datafarm: low-carbon energy for data centers

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The start-up Datafarm proposes an energy solution for low-carbon digital technology. Within a circular economy system, it powers data centers with energy produced through methanization, by installing them directly on cattle farms.   When…
data sharing

Data sharing, a common European challenge

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Promoting data sharing between economic players is one of Europe’s major objectives via its digital governance strategy. To accomplish this, there are two specific challenges to be met. Firstly, a community must be created around data issues,…

DAGOBAH: Tables, AI will understand

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Human activities produce massive amounts of raw data presented in the form of tables. In order to understand these tables quickly, EURECOM and Orange are developing DAGOBAH, a semantic annotation platform. It aims to develop a generic solution…
Photographie de l'océan

Smarter models of the ocean

The ocean is a system that is difficult to observe, whose biodiversity and physical phenomena we still know very little about. Artificial intelligence could be an asset in understanding this environment better. Ronan Fablet, a researcher at IMT…
digital simulation

In the midst of a crisis, hospitals are using digital simulation to organize care

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Thierry Garaix and Raksmey Phan are systems engineering researchers at Mines Saint-Étienne[1]. In response to the current health crisis, they are making digital simulation and digital twins available to health services to inform their decision-making.…
Antenna 5G infrastructure

Mathematical tools to meet the challenges of 5G

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The arrival of 5G marks a turning point in the evolution of mobile telecommunications standards. In order to cope with the constant increase in data traffic and the requirements and constraints of future uses, teams at Télécom SudParis and Davidson…

The IoT needs dedicated security – now

The world is more and more driven by networked computer systems. They dominate almost all aspects of our lives. These systems are connected to the Internet, resulting in a high threat potential. Marc-Oliver Pahl, chairholder of the cybersecurity…

A European project to assess the performance of robotic functions

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Healthcare, maintenance, the agri-food industry, agile manufacturing. Metrics, a three-year H2020 project launched in January, is organizing robot competitions geared towards these four industries and is developing metrological methods to assess…

Reducing the duration of mechanical ventilation with a statistical theory

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A team of researchers from IMT Atlantique has developed an algorithm that can automatically detect anomalies in mechanical ventilation by using a new statistical theory. The goal is to improve synchronization between the patient and ventilator,…