When AI keeps an ear on nursing home residents

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The OSO-AI start-up has recently completed a €4 million funding round. Its artificial intelligence solution that can detect incidents such as falls or cries for help has convinced investors, along with a number of nursing homes in which it…

Managing electronic waste: a global problem

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Responsibilities surrounding digital waste are multi-faceted. On one side, it is governments' responsibility to establish tighter border controls to better manage the flow of waste and make sure that it is not transferred to developing countries.…
Airstream Alvie Cobbaï

Airstream, Alvie and Cobbaï supported by the IMT Digital honor loan scheme

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The members of the IMT Digital Fund – IGEU, IMT and Fondation Mines-Télécom – held a meeting on 17 November. During the meeting, three start-ups from the Télécom Paris incubator were selected to receive support through seven honor loans…
Europes green deal

Digital technology, the gap in Europe’s Green Deal

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Fabrice Flipo, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"] [dropcap]D[/dropcap]espite the Paris Agreement, greenhouse gas emissions are currently at their highest. Further action must be taken…

The automatic semantics of images

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Recognizing faces, objects, patterns, music, architecture, or even camera movements: thanks to progress in artificial intelligence, every plan or sequence in a video can now be characterized. In the IA TV joint laboratory created last October…

How will we interact with the virtual reality?

The ways we interact with technology change over time and adapt to fit different contexts, bringing new constraints and possibilities. Jan Gugenheimer is a researcher at Télécom Paris and is particularly fascinated by interactions between…
contact tracing applications

COVID-19: contact tracing applications and new conversational perimeter

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The original version of this article (in French) was published in the quarterly newsletter of the Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair (no. 18, September 2020). [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"] [dropcap]O[/dropcap]n…

5G: what it is? How does it work?

Xavier Lagrange, Professor of network systems, IMT Atlantique – Institut Mines-Télécom [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"] 5G is the fifth generation of standards for mobile networks. Although this technology has fueled many…
environmental impact

20 terms for understanding the environmental impact of digital technology

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While digital technology plays an essential role in our daily lives, it also a big consumer of resources. To explore the compatibility between the digital and environmental transitions, Institut Mines-Télécom and Fondation Mines-Télécom…
crise, gestion de crise, crisis management

Crisis management: better integration of citizens’ initiatives

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Caroline Rizza, Télécom Paris – Institut Mines-Télécom [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"] [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s part of my research into the benefits of digital technologies in crisis management and in particular the digital…