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AI-4-Child “Chaire” research consortium: innovative tools to fight against childhood cerebral palsy

In conjunction with the GIS BeAChild, the AI-4-Child team is using artificial intelligence to analyze images related to cerebral palsy in children. This could lead to better diagnoses, innovative therapies and progress in patient rehabilitation. But also a real breakthrough in medical imaging. The original version of this article was published on the IMT Atlantique […]


Imaging to help people with brain injuries

People with brain injuries have complex cognitive and neurobiological processes. This is the case for people who have suffered a stroke, or who are in a minimally conscious state and close to a vegetative state. At IMT Mines Alès, Gérard Dray is working on new technology involving neuroimaging and statistical learning. This research means that […]


Virtual reality improving the comfort of people with visual impairments

People suffering from glaucoma or retinitis pigmentosa develop increased sensitivity to light and gradually lose their peripheral vision. These two symptoms cause discomfort in everyday life and limit the social activity of the people affected. The AUREVI research project involving IMT Mines Alès aims to improve the quality of life of visually-impaired people with the help […]


4D Imaging for Evaluating Facial Paralysis Treatment

Mohamed Daoudi is a researcher at IMT Lille Douai, and is currently working on an advanced system of 4-dimensional imaging to measure the after-effects of peripheral facial paralysis. This tool could prove especially useful to practitioners in measuring the severity of the damage and in their assessment of the efficacy of treatment.   “Paralysis began […]


Christine Balagué

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School | #socialnetworks #SIoT #digitaluses #bigdata [toggle title=”Learn more” state=”open”] Innovation in health: towards responsibility Good in Tech: a chair to put responsibility and ethics into innovation Chronic disease: what does the Internet really change in patients’ lives? Coopetition between individuals, little-understood interactions Healthcare: what makes some connected objects a success and […]


Social Media: understanding digital uses

The digital revolution, from which emerged social networks and big data, has led to far-reaching changes in a large number of economic sectors. Businesses need help to develop new strategies suited to these transformations, and it is with this in mind that Christine Balagué, researcher at Télécom École de Management and Vice-President of the National […]


Augmented Reality and Surgery: helping surgeons achieve ever-greater accuracy

Questions of health, well-being and personal independence are central preoccupations of all modern societies. Age-related illnesses, and our ageing populations, pose a number of social and economic challenges. Over the last two decades, information sciences and technologies have helped us rise to these challenges. Concepts such as distance health care and online treatment are now […]