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AlertSmartCity, Cook-e, Dastra, DMS, GoodFloow, JobRepublik, PlaceMeet and Spectronite supported by the “honor loan” scheme

The members of the IMT Digital Fund-IGEU, IMT and Fondation Mines-Télécom held a meeting on 23 February. On this occasion, 8 start-ups from the incubators of IMT Mines Albi, IMT Atlantique, IMT Lille Douai, Télécom Paris, Mines Saint-Étienne, Télécom SudParis and Institut Mines-Télécom Business School were awarded 18 honor loans (interest-free) for a total of €340,000. AlertSmartCity (the incubator at […]


Towards a smart electricity network

For several years, Smart Grids have been the hot topic in the energy field. As current networks become less and less adapted to new energy issues, we need to thoroughly rethink energy management and introduce smarter electricity networks. These networks of the future should be able to adapt production to consumption as precisely as possible, […]


Smart homes: A world of conflict and collaboration

The progress made in decentralized artificial intelligence means that we can now imagine what our future homes will be like. The services offered by a smart home to its users are likely to be modeled on appliances which communicate and cooperate with each other autonomously. Today, this approach is considered the best way to control […]


Data centers: when digital technology transforms a city

As the tangible part of the digital world, data centers are flourishing on the outskirts of cities. They are promoted by elected representatives, sometimes contested by locals, and are not yet well-regulated, raising new social, legal and technical issues. Here is an overview of the challenges this infrastructure poses for cities, with Clément Marquet, doctoral […]


What is a smart grid?

The driving force behind the modernization of the electrical network, the smart grid is full of promise. It will mean savings for consumers and energy companies alike. It terms of the environment, it provides a solution for developing renewable energies. Hossam Afifi, a researcher in networks at Télécom SudParis gives us a behind-the-scenes look at […]


Coming soon: “smart” cameras and citizens improving urban safety

Flavien Bazenet, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, (IMT) and Gabriel Périès, Institut Mines-Telecom Business School, (IMT) This article was written based on the research Augustin de la Ferrière carried out during his “Grande École” training at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (IMT). [divider style=”normal” top=”20″ bottom=”20″] [dropcap]« S[/dropcap]afe cities »: seen by some as increasing the security […]


Cloud computing for longer smartphone battery life

How can we make our smartphone batteries last longer? For Maurice Gagnaire, a researcher at Télécom ParisTech, the solution could come through mobile cloud computing. If computations currently performed by our devices could be offloaded to local servers, their batteries would have to work less. This could extend the battery life for one charge by […]


Smart cities: “it is only through multidisciplinary research that we can rise to these challenges”

The smart city is becoming an increasingly tangible reality for citizens in urban areas, with the efforts made to increase mobility and energy management being obvious examples. But is more efficient transport and optimized energy consumption sufficient to define a smart city? Being a member of the jury of the international Prizes Le Monde-Smart Cities that […]