AI, an issue of economy and civilization?


This is the first issue of the new quarterly of the series Annales des Mines devoted to the digital transition. The progress made using algorithms, the new computational capacities of devices (ranging from graphic cards to the cloud), and the availability of huge quantities of data combine to explain the advances under way in Artificial Intelligence. But AI is not just a matter of algorithms operating in the background on digital platforms. It increasingly enters into a chain of interactions with the physical world. The examples reported herein come from finance, insurance, employment, commerce and manufacturing. This issue turns to the stakeholders, in particular French, who are implementing AI or who have devoted thought to this implementation and to AI’s place in our society.

Introduction by Jacques Serris, Engineer from the Corps des Mines, Conseil Général de l’Économie (CGE)

About Digital issues, the new series of Annales des Mines

Digital Issues is a quarterly series (March, June, September and December) freely downloadable on the Annales des Mines website, with a print version in French language. Focus of the series is on the issues of the digital transition for an enlightened, yet non necessarily expert, readership. Various viewpoints are being used between technology, economy and society as the Annales des Mines are used to doing in all their series.

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