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Dominique Thers

IMT Atlantique | #DarkMatter #WIMP #Subatech [toggle title=”Find all his articles on I’MTech” state=”open”] Is dark matter the key to the medical scanner of the future? XENON1T observes one of the rarest events in the universe Xenon instruments for long-term experiments Even without dark matter Xenon1T is a success XENON1T: a giant dark matter hunter […]


XENON1T: a giant dark matter hunter

Dark matter, five to six times more abundant than ordinary matter, remains one of our universe’s greatest enigmas. Invisible and unobservable, it continues to challenge physicists around the world. With the aim of detecting and studying it, Dominique Thers and his team from Subatech joined the XENON project in 2009. On November 11, 2015, in […]


Intelligence incarnated, a bio-inspired approach in the field of robotics

Using nature as inspiration is certainly the oldest scientific approach and one that still has much to reveal. Bio-inspired robotics is a research topic at Mines Nantes that uses this process. It does not aim to simply mimic, but actually to understand the tricks nature has found to solve problems. Researcher Frédéric Boyer’s work is […]