Bitcoin, blockchain, Michel Berne, Fabrice Flipo

The bitcoin and blockchain: energy hogs

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By Fabrice Flipo and Michel Berne, researchers at Télécom École de Management. Editorial originally published in French in The Conversation France _______________________________________________________________________________________   The…
Avec PREVER, tous les résidus sont valorisables en énergie

PREVER: residue turned into energy

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Mines Nantes is home to PREVER – France’s only technological platform that offers a large range of competencies and tools for converting industrial and household waste into energy. It provides customized support for companies wanting to…
Le détecteur ALICE.

ALICE sees the origins of the universe in a quark-gluon plasma droplet

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ALICE, the Cern experiment in charge of studying the quark-gluon plasma, restarted its main activities on November 17. Based in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland, ALICE mission is to track each single particle ejected when lead…

XENON1T: a giant dark matter hunter

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Dark matter, five to six times more abundant than ordinary matter, remains one of our universe’s greatest enigmas. Invisible and unobservable, it continues to challenge physicists around the world. With the aim of detecting and studying it,…

Towards a smart electricity network

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For several years, Smart Grids have been the hot topic in the energy field. As current networks become less and less adapted to new energy issues, we need to thoroughly rethink energy management and introduce smarter electricity networks. These…

From epertise in telecommunications networks to the performance of electricity grids

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From networks to everyday objects, the internet has radically changed our environment. From the main arteries to the smallest vessels, it is embedded in such a large number of the most banal objects that it puts a strain on the energy bill.…