energy performance, performance énergétique, sanda lefteriu

Energy performance of buildings: modeling for better efficicency

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Sanda Lefteriu, a researcher at IMT Lille-Douai, is working on developing predictive and control models designed for buildings with the aim of improving energy management. A look at the work presented on April 28 at the IMT "Energy in the digital…
Nouvelle génération batterie lithium

Towards a new generation of lithium batteries?

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The development of connected devices requires the miniaturization and integration of electronic components. Thierry Djenizian, a researcher at Mines Saint-Étienne, is working on new micrometric architectures for lithium batteries, which appear…
cloud computing, Maurice Gagnaire

Cloud computing for longer smartphone battery life

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How can we make our smartphone batteries last longer? For Maurice Gagnaire, a researcher at Télécom ParisTech, the solution could come through mobile cloud computing. If computations currently performed by our devices could be offloaded to…
telecommunications, energy transition, Loutfi Nuaymi

Energy and telecommunications: brought together by algorithms

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It is now widely accepted that algorithms can have a transformative effect on a particular sector. In the field of telecommunications, they may indeed greatly impact how energy is produced and consumed. Between reducing the energy consumption…
Dark Matter

Even without dark matter Xenon1T is a success

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Xenon1T is the largest detector of dark matter in the world. Unveiled in 2015, it searches for this invisible material — which is five times more abundant in the universe than ordinary matter — from the Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy, buried…
energy transitions

Energy Transitions: The challenge is a global one, but the solutions are also local

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For Bernard Bourges, there is no doubt: there are multiple energy transitions. He is a researcher at IMT Atlantique studying the changes in the energy sector, and takes a multi-faceted view of the changes happening in this field. He associates…

How the SEAS project is redefining the energy market

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The current energy transition has brought with it new energy production and consumption modes. Coordinated by Engie, the european SEAS project aims to foster these changes to create a more responsible energy market. SEAS is seeking to invent…
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Data centers: Taking up the energy challenge

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Increasingly present throughout the world, data centers consume significant amounts of energy. Researchers at IMT Atlantique have conducted a study that combines renewable energy and electricity grids to power these infrastructures. To reduce…
mySMARTLife, Nantes

In Nantes, the smart city becomes a reality with mySMARTlife

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Alongside European smart city champions like Barcelona, Copenhagen and Stockholm, France boasts a few gems of its own. One such city is Nantes, a participant in the European H2020 research project mySMARTlife since December 1st, 2016. Thanks…
Gasification, Pilote, Mines Albi, VALTHERA, Javier Escudero

Gasification, the future of organic waste recovery

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At a time when the challenge of waste recovery is becoming increasingly evident, gasification is emerging as a promising solution. The process allows organic waste to be decomposed into synthetic gas, which can be burned for energy purposes,…