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Facial biometrics: How smartphones can recognize us

Mohamed Daoudi, IMT Lille Douai – Institut Mines-Télécom [divider style=”normal” top=”20″ bottom=”20″] [dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to the new era: that of facial biometrics. The launch of the iPhone X, a smartphone featuring Face ID facial recognition, demonstrated that this technology has now reached full maturity. This became possible with the introduction of miniature 3D sensors with high-level […]


Facial recognition: what legal protection exists?

Over the past decade, the use of facial recognition has developed rapidly for both security and convenience purposes. This biometrics-based technology is used for everything from video surveillance to border controls and unlocking digital devices. This type of data is highly sensitive and is subject to specific legal framework. Claire Levallois-Barth, a legal researcher at […]


Restricting algorithms to limit their powers of discrimination

From music suggestions to help with medical diagnoses, population surveillance, university selection and professional recruitment, algorithms are everywhere, and transform our everyday lives. Sometimes, they lead us astray. At fault are the statistical, economic and cognitive biases inherent to the very nature of the current algorithms, which are supplied with massive data that may be […]


AI to assist the elderly

Caring and expressive artificial intelligence? This concept that seems to come straight from a man-machine romance like the movie “Her”, is in fact at the heart of a Horizon 2020 project called EMPATHIC. The project aims to develop software for a virtual and customizable coach for assisting the elderly. To learn more, we interviewed the […]


What exactly is a scientific exhibition advisor? A discussion with Stephan Clémençon

Who are the people working behind the scenes at scientific exhibitions? The tasks at hand range from approving content and proposing themes to identifying scientific and societal issues, and much more. To find out more, we interviewed Stephan Clémençon, a researcher specializing in machine learning at Télécom ParisTech and a scientific advisor for the Terra […]


Jean-Luc Dugelay

EURECOM | #biometrics [toggle title=”Find all his articles on I’MTech” state=”open”] Iris recognition, towards a biometric system for smartphones [/toggle]


Iris recognition: towards a biometric system for smartphones

Smartphones provide a wide range of opportunities for biometrics. Jean-Luc Dugelay and Chiara Galdi, researchers at Eurecom, are working on a simple, rapid iris recognition algorithm for mobile phones, which could be used as an authentication system for operations such as bank transactions.   Last name, first name, e-mail address, social media, photographs — your […]


Yaneck Gottesman

Télécom SudParis | #Biometrics #Metrology #Optics [toggle title=”Find all his articles on I’MTech” state=”open”] BioDigital, a new technology to combat identity spoofing Precision measurement and characterization [/toggle]


What is machine learning?

Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence, at the interface between mathematics and computer science. It is aimed at teaching machines to complete certain tasks, often predictive, based on large amounts of data. Text, image and voice recognition technologies are also used to develop search engines and recommender systems for online retail sites. More […]