Artificial Intelligence: TeraLab becomes a European “Digital Innovation Hub”

digital Innovation Hub

TeraLab becomes one of the 30 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) selected by the European Union in artificial intelligence. This new recognition consolidates the place of the IMT’s TeraLab platform in the field of AI as well as its impact on business transformation.


On February 28 last year, the European Commission, via the AI DIH Network project, recognized TeraLab as one of the 30 Digital Innovation Hubs specializing in artificial intelligence in Europe (along with DigiHall – of which IMT is a member – and DigiWest in France).

What is a DIH?

DIHs are unique entry points which help businesses become more competitive in their production process or the way that their services use digital technologies. DIHs offer direct access to knowledge, expertise and the most recent technologies, in order to help their partners try, test and experiment with digital innovations.

TeraLab has more than 60 projects in research, innovation and education

The label thus rewards the quality of TeraLab, a “trusted third-party” platform which was developed at IMT.  It proposes state of the art tools for collaborations between businesses, startups, SMEs and researchers, with the aim of supporting and accelerating projects in AI and big data.

Since January 2014, TeraLab has been involved in more than 60 projects in research, innovation and education. It boasts significant European recognition with BDVA’s iSpace label and also with European projects such as BOOST 4.0 (connected factories), MIDIH (Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs) or AI4EU (European Platform for AI on Demand).

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