“Strategy, Structure and Corporate Governance”, by Nabyla Daidj

Nabyla Daidj, Télécom École de Management

Nabyla Daidj, associate professor at the Télécom École de Management, authors a book entitled Strategy, Structure and Corporate Governance.


Since the beginning of the 2000s, important changes in external environments have affected the corporate governance practices of firms all around the world. The corporate governance structure in each country develops in response to country-specific factors and conditions. Firms are currently engaged in a variety of dynamic business relationships such as business networks, strategic alliances, and conglomerates especially in high technology sectors.

Strategy, Structure and Corporate Governance by Nabyla Daidj, proposes to analyze the main trends and drivers of change in corporate governance of several kinds of organizations:

  • Large conglomerates. The development of large and complex conglomerate organizations have played an important role in the economy in Japan but also in other countries such as Korea with chaebols, which can be defined as closely intertwined industrial groupings,
  • Inter-firms networks (districts, clusters etc.),
  • “Recent” forms of inter-firms networks (business ecosystems).

The author examines several case studies and shows how shifts in markets and global competition are reconfiguring transactions within these organizations and are impacting corporate governance systems.


Nabyla DaidjAbout the author
Nabyla Daidj
is Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Télécom École de Management in France. She received her doctorate in Economics from the Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris in 1994, with a thesis on strategic alliances in high-tech industries.


Nabyla Daidj, Strategy, Structure and Corporate GovernanceStrategy, Structure and Corporate Governance
Expressing inter-firm networks and group-affiliated companies
Nabyla Daidj
Routledge, 2016
226 pages
112,53 € (hardcover)

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