4 ERC Consolidator Grants for IMT

ERC Grants, Francesco Andriulli, Yanlei Diao, Petros Elia, Roisin Owens

The European Research Council has announced the results of its 2016 Call for Consolidator Grants. Out of the 314 researchers to receive grants throughout Europe (across all disciplines), four come from IMT schools.


10% of French grants

These four grants represent 10% of all grants obtained in France, with 43 project leaders awarded from French institutions (therefore placing France in 3rd position, behind the United Kingdom with 58 projects and Germany with 48 projects).

For Christian Roux, the Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation at IMT, “this is a real recognition of the academic excellence of our researchers on a European level. Our targeted research model, which performs well in our joint research with the two very active Carnot institutes, will also benefit from ERC’s more fundamental work to support major scientific breakthroughs.”

Consolidator Grants reward experienced researchers with a sum of € 2 million to fund projects for a duration of five years, therefore providing them with substantial support.


[one_half][box]Francesco Andriulli, Télécom Bretagne, ERCAfter Claude Berrou in 2012, Francesco Andriulli is the second IMT Atlantique researcher to be honored by Europe as part of the ERC program. He will receive a grant of €2 million over five years, enabling him to develop his work in the field of computational electromagnetism. Find out more +

[one_half_last][box]Yanlei Diao, ERC, Télécom ParisTechYanlei Diao, a world-class scientist, recruited jointly by École Polytechnique, the Inria Saclay – Île-de-France Centre and Télécom ParisTech, has been honored for scientific excellence for her project as well as her innovative vision in terms of “acceleration and optimization of analytical computing for big data”. [/box][/one_half_last]


Petros Elia, Eurecom, ERCPetros Elia is a professor of Telecommunications at Eurecom and has been awarded this ERC Consolidator Grant for his DUALITY project (Theoretical Foundations of Memory Micro-Insertions in Wireless Communications).
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Roisin Owens, Mines Saint-Étienne, ERCThis marks the third time that Roisin Owens, a Mines Saint-Étienne researcher specialized in bioelectronics, has been rewarded by the ERC for the quality of her projects. She received a Starting Grant in 2011 followed by a Proof of Concept Grant in 2014.
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