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Data-mobility or the art of modeling travel patterns

The major rail workers’ strike in France on the spring of 2018 transformed French travel habits, especially in the Ile-de-France region. Vincent Gauthier, a researcher at Télécom SudParis, is working to understand the travel patterns in this region and around the world using mobile data. [divider style=”normal” top=”20″ bottom=”20″] The original version of this article […]


Air quality: several approaches to modeling the invisible

The theme day on air quality modeling (organized by FIMEA and IMT Lille Douai) on June 8 provided an opportunity for researchers in this field to exchange on existing methods. Modeling makes it possible to identify the link between pollution sources and receptors. These models help provide an understanding of atmospheric processes and air pollution prevention. […]


Improving heating network performance through modeling

At the IMT “Energy in the Digital Revolution” conference held on April 28, Bruno Lacarrière, an energetics researcher with IMT Atlantique, presented modeling approaches for improving the management of heating networks. Combined with digital technology, these approaches support heating distribution networks in the transition towards smart management solutions. The building sector accounts for 40% of […]


Lapala: a no-code platform to help SMEs digitize everyday tasks

A company’s everyday operations are often full of recurring tasks: selling a service, requesting paid time off, buying equipment, to name just a few examples. The start-up Lapala, incubated at IMT Atlantique and present at VivaTech 2023, allows SMEs to digitize these processes. The aim: help them go digital, save time and keep their teams […]


Data and model-assisted beekeeping

Gregory Zacharewicz, IMT Mines Alès – Institut Mines-Télécom and Baptiste Magnier, IMT Mines Alès – Institut Mines-Télécom Bees are key participants in biodiversity. They contribute enormously to pollination, an essential step in the life cycle of plants.  Yet current threats to biodiversity herald the disappearance of pollinating insects and honey bees in particular (such as […]


Images of science: where do basalt columns come from?

Bernard Guy, Mines Saint-Étienne – Institut Mines-Télécom This photo shows basalt columns. They can be found all over the world where magma flows from volcanoes have cooled and solidified. These spectacular and fascinating structures have been, and still are, the subject of much study, from characterization on site and in the laboratory to physicochemical and […]


Stronger 3D prints

3D printing is a manufacturing process used for both consumer and industrial applications in the aeronautics, automotive, rail and medical industries. The Shoryuken project being developed at IMT Nord Europe aims to improve the mechanical performance of the objects printed using plastic and composite materials. To accomplish this, it combines 3D printing with laser welding […]