Yelda et OSO-AI Yelda and OSO-AI

Yelda and OSO-AI: new start-ups receive honor loans

On December 6, the Committee for the Digital Fund of the Graduate Schools and Universities Initiative chose two start-ups to receive honor loans: Yelda and OSO-AI. Together, Yelda, a start-up from the incubator IMT Starter, and OSO-AI, from the incubator at IMT Atlantique will receive three honor loans, for a total of €80,000.

These interest-free loans aimed at boosting the development of promising young companies are co-financed by the Fondation Mines-Télécom, the Caisse des Dépôts and Revital’Emploi. This initiative has supported over 84 startups since 2012.


Yelda is developing the first vocal assistant for companies. The start-up’s team—composed of experts in bots, automatic natural language processing, voice management and machine learning—is convinced that chat and vocal interactions will soon replace traditional interfaces. This will revolutionize the way users interact with companies, for both customers and employees. Yelda, a start-up from the incubator IMT Starter, received an honor loan of €40,000. Find out more

OSO-AI is already improving quality of life for the hearing impaired. The start-up will soon become the partner of reference in Artificial Intelligence for hearing aids and will invent Augmented Auditory Reality. The start-up, incubated at IMT Atlantique, received an honor loan of €30,000 and another of €10,000. Find out more


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