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The legal professions coping with the challenge of digital technology

The first two issues of Enjeux numériques/Digital issues focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. These topics reappear in this new issue devoted to the impact of digital technology on the legal professions at a time when big data and advanced algorithms are two major factors in the pursuit of the digital transformation of our society and of jobs. This special issue seeks to better understand the social, economic and societal issues in this transformation of the legal professions, in particular the regulatory or ethical issues and the stakes of being economically competitive and attractive. Since the world is undergoing this transformation, we would like to present a panorama of European studies on this topic […]

Introduction by Françoise Trassoudaine and Jean-Pierre Dardayrol
Conseil Général de l’Économie

About Digital issues, the new series of Annales des Mines

Digital Issues is a quarterly series (March, June, September and December) freely downloadable on the Annales des Mines website, with a print version in French language. Focus of the series is on the issues of the digital transition for an enlightened, yet non necessarily expert, readership. Various viewpoints are being used between technology, economy and society as the Annales des Mines are used to doing in all their series.

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