Joint AI

Joint AI: a platform to facilitate German-French research in AI

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In 2019, The German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future launched the Joint AI platform project. This platform bringing together IMT and the Technical University of Munich, promotes collaboration between researchers and industry to…
5G!Drones, 5G Drones

Putting drones to the 5G test

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5G!Drones, a European project bringing together industrialists, network operators and research centers, was launched in June 2019 for a three-year period. It should ultimately validate the use of 5G for delivery services by drone. Adlen Ksentini,…

DNA as the data storage medium

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By 2025 the volume of data produced in the world will have reached 250 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1021 bytes). Current storage media have insufficient storage capacity or suffer from obsolescence. Preserving even a fraction of this data means…
connected devices

A dictionary for connected devices

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The field of connected devices is growing at a staggering pace across all industries. There is a growing need to develop a communication standard, meaning a 'common language' that different smart systems could understand and interpret. To contribute…

SOCCRATES automates cybersecurity for industrial systems

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SOCCRATES is a H2020 European project launched in September 2019 for a three-year period. It aims to develop at least one platform to automate the detection of certain attacks and launch appropriate countermeasures. In doing so, it should help…

MADEin4: digital twinning and predictive maintenance for industry

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The European MADEin4 project was launched in April 2019 for a three-year period. It aims to help semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers play an active role in the continuous improvement of their equipment. How? By relying on new…

Robots on their best behavior in the factory of the future

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A shorter version of this article was published in the monthly magazine Acteurs du franco-allemand, as part of an editorial partnership. [divider style="normal" top="20" bottom="20"] Robots must learn to communicate better if they want to…

CloudButton: Big Data in one click

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Launched in January 2019 for a three-year period, the European H2020 project CloudButton seeks to democratize Big Data by drastically simplifying its programming model. To achieve this, the project relies on a new cloud service that frees the…

Polybioskin, natural skin through more ethical products

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Skin contact products, whether for medical, sanitary or cosmetic purposes, have two major drawbacks: they are neither recyclable nor biodegradable. The Polybioskin H2020 project aims to correct these aspects which are out of step with consumers'…

CiViQ: working towards implementing quantum communications on our networks

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End 2018, the CiViQ H2020 European project was launched for a period of three years. The project aims to integrate quantum communication technologies into traditional telecommunication networks. This scientific challenge calls upon Télécom…