Chloé Clavel


Télécom Paris | Natural Language Processing, machine learning, affective computing, human-agent interaction, emotions recognition

Chloé Clavel has been Associate Professor at Télécom Paris since 2013 at the Laboratoire de Traitement et Communication de l’Information (LTCI). Her research contributes to the development of methods based on artificial intelligence (learning models of socio-emotional behaviour by combining symbolic methods and methods based on machine learning) and affective computing (analysis and synthesis of socio-emotional signals). Her research is integrated into a broader topic of social computing, which she coordinates within the LTCI. She is currently working on interactions between humans and virtual agents, from the analysis of the user’s socio-emotional behaviour (verbal and non-verbal) to socio-emotional interaction strategies. She has participated in several European and national collaborative projects around Social Computing (e.g. H2020 ITN ANIMATAS, aria-valuspa UE-TIC, Labex smart). She recently obtained an ANR Young Researchers on the themes of opinion analysis in interactions (ANR MAOI).
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