Strategic Management of Innovation Networks

Müge Özman, Strategic Management Innovation Networks, Télécom École de Management

Suitable for a one- or two-semester course for undergraduate and graduate students, this interdisciplinary textbook explains the diverse aspects of innovation and social networks, which occupy a central place in business and policy agendas. Its unified approach presents networks as nested systems that can span organisations, industries, regions, and markets, giving students a holistic perspective and reducing the amount of effort required to learn the theoretical framework for each layer. With engaging real-world examples, the text also provides a practical guide on how to manage networks to increase innovation and improve performance. Topics covered include forming teams to foster creativity, selecting partners and leveraging partnerships for learning, managing organisational change, and sponsoring technologies in communities. Students will learn the metrics used in social network analysis and how they are interpreted and applied. Suggested reading lists and online resources offer opportunities for further review and practice.


Muge Ozman, Télécom École de Management, Strategic Management Innovation NetworksAuthor

Müge Özman is ‎Professor of Management at Télécom École de Management-IMT, Paris. She has participated in major projects funded by the European Union, and worked with a variety of both small and large companies on innovation-related projects.


Müge Özman, Strategic Management Innovation Networks, Télécom École de ManagementStrategic Management of Innovation Networks
Müge Özman
Cambridge University Press, 2017
360 pages
29.99 £ (paperback)
30.00 USD (eBook)

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