The new IMT–French Académie des Sciences Prize will recognize the excellence of researchers in digital technology, energy and the environment

Prix Académie des Sciences, Prize

On March 28, IMT and the French Académie des Sciences signed an agreement establishing a new prize aimed at rewarding exceptional scientific contributions in Europe. The first call for applications has now been launched. The deadline for submitting applications is set for May 23, 2017.


The fields

The prize will award European researchers in three different fields:

  • The sciences and technologies of the digital transformation in industry;
  • The sciences and technologies of the energy transition;
  • Environmental engineering.


Two scientists honored

The IMT–French Académie des Sciences prize is comprised of two awards:
a Grand Prix awarded to a scientist who has contributed to the fields mentioned above in an exceptional manner through a body of particularly remarkable work;
a Young Scientist Prize awarded to a scientist who is under 40 years old on January 1st of the year the prize is awarded, who has contributed to these same fields through a major innovation.

These prizes will be presented jointly by IMT, with support from Fondation Mines-Télécom and the French Académie des Sciences. They will be endowed with prize money of the following amounts:
Grand Prix: €30,000;
Young Scientist Prize: €15,000.

Each prize will be awarded, without any requirements regarding nationality, to a scientist working in France, or in Europe, in close collaboration with French teams.


The application must include the following:

1) the form provided by the French Académie des Sciences;
2) a letter of support providing a personal opinion of the nominee;
3) a brief résumé;
4) the nominee’s main scientific results;
5) a list of the main publications.
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The Official Awards Ceremony

The formal award ceremony will take place in the Dome of the Academy on October 10, 2017. It will be completed by a ceremony in mid-October for the recipients to present their work to the Academy.

According to Sébastien Candel, President of the French Académie des Sciences: “The creation of these two prizes works towards fulfilling several of the Academy’s missions. One of these missions is to encourage the scientific community, by not only awarding established researchers, but also the most promising young researchers. This encouragement is all the more significant due to the prize being awarded as part of a partnership that unites the French Académie des Sciences and another institution, as in this specific case with IMT. These prizes also strengthen the international dimension of French science and our Academy, because they do not have any requirements regarding nationality, but are open to a scientist working in France, or in Europe, with the condition of a close collaboration with French teams.

According to Christian Roux, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation at IMT: “By creating these two scientific prizes, awarded jointly by the French Académie des Sciences, IMT is seeking to honor talent, promote partner-based research with companies, and encourage the emergence of innovations and breakthrough approaches. It is also an opportunity for the Institut to gain more visibility and attractiveness in the national and international landscapes of higher education and research.”

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