Institut Mines-Télécom and France Brevets extend their initial agreement

France Brevets, 5G

On October 13th, Institut Mines-Télécom and France Brevets signed an extension of the partnership agreement that has united them since 2011, with three new fields of research, and have reasserted their commitment to 5G. This cooperation is exemplary in international standardization in the field of telecommunications.

Four years after its launch, the partnership between France Brevets and Institut Mines-Télécom continues. An initial collaboration was created around MIMO technology, an encoding mechanism for high-speed data transfer, and which can be used in 5G. From three patents at the start, fifteen new patents have been filed in 18 months of joint work.

France Brevets’ participation leads to a strategy that is honed by research and the filing of patents, and informed by monitoring and analysis of patents in the field. The financial and methodological support from France Brevets in the identification, drawing up and filing of patents for key technologies creates a strong position that allows better promotion of the patents.

In addition to strengthened filing of patents, France Brevets supports Institut Mines-Télécom in the transfer of its results within the rich, dynamic environment of 5G.

This cooperation now covers new fields:
– FBMC (Filter Bank Multiple Carrier) modulation, an original and high-performance form of modulation. This disruptive technology in the field of mobile networks may be used for 5G norms,
– antennas, among other things, for optimization of 5G technology,
– very high speed optical modulation and encoding for long-distance communication, with Codopt.

For a long time, Institut Mines-Télécom has been developing renowned expertise in the field of mobile telecommunications, in particular encoding and decoding, modulation, software technology and devices for infrastructure and end users. This experience has led notably to the creation of an internationally adopted standard: the Turbocodes, developed in partnership with France Télécom. Capitalizing on this expertise, the Institute is legitimately able to contribute to taking the results of French public research in high speed mobile telecommunications (5G) to the highest international level.

This partnership fits perfectly with the strategy of France Brevets which supports research laboratories in the development and spread of their technology. It is also representative of the “Carnot” spirit, an accreditation that Institut Mines-Télécom has enjoyed since 2006.

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