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Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is a wireless communications technology that allows for the division or sharing of a relatively wide range of the spectrum between multiple signals; instead of dividing a signal across a range of power levels and frequencies in continuous time, UWB signals are generated at specific instants of time across a large bandwidth. This means that signals are separated by their occupation of time, rather than of the radio spectrum – and this therefore allows for the more efficient use and management of bandwidth among multiple users.
After a slow start and following great early expectations, UWB has now reached a level of
maturity that allows it to act as the main enabling technology for wireless links at either
high or low data rates. The wireless links in question are often associated with a locationbased capability, for which ultimate accuracy varies with the inverse of the frequency bandwidth, and they make use of time or frequency domain waveforms. UWB wireless communication applications are currently the subject of international standards development which will formalize and facilitate their commercial implementation, which already includes examples such as wireless USB technology. This book covers topics ranging from the fundamental technology and underlying theory, to international regulations covering UWB, and of course covering in detail the design, modeling, performance and characterization of UWB antennas. It also includes coverage of specific types of antenna, applications, and in-use phenomena.
Ultra Wide Band Antennas serves as a complete guide to the current state of the art, and is aimed at students, engineers and researchers in the field of electrical engineering and communications technology. It is based on work carried out by leading authorities, and includes a summary of findings from internationally recognized research studies.
1. Applications of Ultra Wide Band Systems, Serge Héthuin and Isabelle Bucaille.
2. Radiation Characteristics of Antennas, Xavier Begaud.
3. Representation, Characterization and Modeling of Ultra Wide Band Antennas, Christophe Roblin.
4. Experimental Characterization of UWB Antennas, Christophe Delaveaud.
5. UWB Antennas Overview, Nicolas Fortino, Jean-Yves Dauvignac, Georges Kossiavas and Xavier Begaud.
6. Antenna-Channel Joint Effects in UWB, Alain Sibille.

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