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Jenny Faucheu

Mines Saint-Étienne | Materials, Sensory metrology, Polymer chemistry and physics


A European project to assess the performance of robotic functions

Healthcare, maintenance, the agri-food industry, agile manufacturing. Metrics, a three-year H2020 project launched in January, is organizing robot competitions geared towards these four industries and is developing metrological methods to assess the data collected. TeraLab, IMT’s big data and AI platform, is a partner in this project. Interview with Anne-Sophie Taillandier, Director of TeraLab.   What is […]


MADEin4: digital twinning and predictive maintenance for industry

The European MADEin4 project was launched in April 2019 for a three-year period. It aims to help semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers play an active role in the continuous improvement of their equipment. How? By relying on new digital twinning and predictive maintenance technologies. Agnès Roussy and Valéria Borodin, research professors at Mines Saint-Étienne, a […]


Véronique Bellon-Maurel: from infrared spectroscopy to digital agriculture

Measuring and quantifying have informed Véronique Bellon-Maurel’s entire scientific career. A pioneer in near infrared spectroscopy, the researcher’s work has ranged from analyzing fruit to digital agriculture. Over the course of her fundamental research, Véronique Bellon-Maurel has contributed to the optimization of many industrial processes. She is now the Director of #DigitAg, a multi-partner Convergence […]


What’s new in the atmosphere?

In conjunction with the 4th National Conference on Air Quality held in Montrouge on 9 and 10 October 2018, I’MTech sat down with François Mathé, a researcher in atmospheric sciences at IMT Lille Douai to ask him five questions. He gave us a glimpse of the major changes ahead in terms of measuring and monitoring […]


Astatine halogen bond finally revealed!

Astatine is the last member of the halogen family, which also includes fluorine and chlorine. These chemical elements have a distinct feature: they are able to form an unusual kind of bond with molecules. Yet for astatine, the existence of this specific halogen bond had never before been proven. This is because in its natural […]


Jean-José Orteu

IMT Mines Albi | #photomechanics #metrology #computervision [toggle title=”Learn more” state=”open”] Decadom: solutions for monitoring manufacturing defects What is photomechanics? [/toggle]


Yaneck Gottesman

Télécom SudParis | #Biometrics #Metrology #Optics [toggle title=”Find all his articles on I’MTech” state=”open”] BioDigital, a new technology to combat identity spoofing Precision measurement and characterization [/toggle]


FEMTO Engineering: a new component of the TSN Carnot institute

In July 2016 the Ministry for Education and Research renewed the Télécom & Société numérique Carnot institute accreditation and at the same time, the institute presented a new component: the FEMTO Engineering Center for Technological Development. We interviewed the Director of the FEMTO-ST laboratory, Laurent Larger, who told us a little more about the identity of […]


Removing pollutants from our homes

Indoor air is polluted with several volatile organic compounds, some of which are carcinogenic. Frédéric Thévenet, a researcher at Mines Douai, develops solutions for trapping and eliminating these pollutants, and for improving tests for air purifying devices.   We spend nearly 90% of our time inside: at home, at the office, at school, or in […]