Medcam: a high-quality image for laparoscopy


300,000 laparoscopies are performed every year in France. At ten euros per minute spent in the operating room for procedures that last from one to ten hours, any time that can be saved is significant. Medcam helps save precious minutes by reducing the time required to clean the camera used. …


Artificial Intelligence hiding behind your computer screen!

Aizimov BEYABLE startup artificial intelligence

Far from the dazzle of intelligent humanoid robots and highly effective chatbots, artificial intelligence is now used in many ordinary products and services. In the software and websites consumers use on a daily basis, AI is being used to improve the use of digital technology. This new dynamic is perfectly …


Startups AskHub, DessIA and WaToo receive interest-free loans

AskHub DessIA WaToo

On June 7, the Digital Fund of the Grandes Ecoles and Universities Initiative selected three new startups to receive interest-free loans. AskHub and DessIA, from ParisTech Entrepreneurs, the Télécom ParisTech incubator, and WaToo, from the IMT Atlantique incubator, will each receive €20,000 interest-free loans. These financial aid programs co-financed by Fondation Mines-Télécom, …


Koovea: an intelligent system for monitoring temperature-sensitive drugs


Koovea offers a service for monitoring temperature-sensitive drugs that ensures safe packaging conditions throughout the entire shipping process. The startup has just raised €60K through Créalia Occitanie. The interest-free loan will help the startup finance its R&D and strengthen its own capital before launching its product in June 2018.   …


New interest-free loans for startups Cyrating, Galanck, myLabel and WaryMe

interest-free loans

On February 8, 2018, the approval committee for the Digital Fund of the Graduate Schools and Universities Initiative chose four new startups to receive loans for amounts up to €40,000 with a 0% interest rate. Cyrating, which was founded through the ParisTech Entrepreneurs incubator, Galanck and myLabel, both of which were developed through …


23 startups from IMT incubators at VivaTechnology 2018


The VivaTechnology trade show offers three days to discover the most promising startups in the tech sector. For IMT, this is the perfect opportunity for highlighting its comprehensive support and entrepreneurship services and presenting 23 startups from its schools’ incubators. These startups come from sectors including mobility, smart cities, AI, …


Adrock.Tv, AiZimov and Seaclick: three new startups get interest-free loans


On April 5th, the approval committee for the Digital Fund of the Graduate Schools and Universities Initiative chose three new startups from IMT incubators to receive interest-free loans: and AiZimov, from the ParisTech Entrepreneurs incubator and Seaclick, from the IMT Starter incubator. These loans aimed at financing the development …


12 startups supported with interest-free loans in 2017

startups, start-up, prêts d'honneur, Fondation Mines-Télécom, interest-free loans

Thanks to its generous sponsors, Fondation Mines-Télécom was able to fund 22 interest-free loans in 2017 for entrepreneurs supported by IMT incubators. A total of €440,000 was awarded to 12 startups. In 2018, the Foundation intends to take its support for entrepreneurship a step further by awarding 30 interest-free loans.   …


eOdyn: technological breakthrough in the observation of ocean surface currents


Existing methods for measuring ocean surface currents are expensive, difficult to implement and limited in the amount of information they can gather. The solution proposed by the eOdyn startup, based on the algorithmic analysis of data from maritime traffic, represents a real technological breakthrough. It is very affordable and more …