Gérard Dray

IMT Mines Alès | Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Gérard Dray is a Full Professor at IMT Mines Alès in the Laboratory of Computer Engineering and Production Engineering (LGI2P). He researches and develops methods of information processing whose objective is the digitalization of knowledge in order to facilitate the action of the man, to make it more reliable, more efficient. These information processing procedures are mainly based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods. Gérard Dray is responsible of scientific activities in the field of “Health, Aging, Quality of Life” through a transversal axis to IMT Mines Alès. With the aim of developing this axis in a context close to clinical issues, he coordinates the work of the dedicated ICT and Health team of LGI2P hosted at the EuroMov research center of the University of Montpellier.

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