Ingrid Bazin, Mines Alès, biocapteurs, herbicides

Biosensors for monitoring herbicides in water

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Water preservation and management involves detecting its pollutants. Among those most frequently found in surface water and groundwater are weed-killers, such as the well-known glyphosate. At Mines Alès, Ingrid Bazin is working on developing…

Pollution control by constructed wetlands: An expanding French industry

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The ability of wetland areas to retain and treat a wide variety of pollutants in urban and rural areas has been known about for a number of years. Understanding how they work has facilitated the creation of biofilters such as constructed wetlands.…
Marine pollution

Marine pollution as seen by ultrafast cameras

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Ultrafast cameras unveil processes that are invisible to the naked eye. At Mines Alès, Pierre Slangen, a specialist in applied optics, uses them to build advanced technology devices and thus to understand how gases and liquids are diffused…

Responsible lighting: the secrets to a good eco-innovation strategy

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On February 11, 2015 an open workshop will be held in Brussels to present the results of the European cycLED project. This research program has supported four SMEs in the lighting sector in their eco-innovation projects aimed at designing more…

Recovering uranium without digging: in situ leaching

In light of the increasing economic value of underground resources, and the environmental problems caused by disused mines, research into alternative solutions for extracting raw materials is rapidly increasing. One solution being studied is…
Mines Douai, Concrete, sediments

Recycling concrete and sediment to create new materials

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How can we meet the needs for construction materials in an environmentally responsible manner? Recycling could be the solution, but it is not yet easy to create high-performance and eco-friendly materials using waste. At the conference on Natural…
Geological storage, stockage géologique

Geosciences and the environment: the challenges of geological storage

Geological storage is a field of expertise offered by the Institut Mines-Télécom schools’ research centers. During the Natural resources and environment conference held on November 5-6, 2014 at Institut Mines-Télécom, Vincent Lagneau,…
René Garello, Vigisat, Océan, Télécom Bretagne, Ocean

An ocean of environmental data to be processed

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If nowadays we can detect icebergs along the route of the Vendée Globe, track and identify ships causing pollution from space, and define ecological corridors and reserves for the protection of animal species, it is largely thanks to stations…